Blog Posts on Hold

Hello all! Coming at you with a PSA today.

We’ve decided to hit ‘pause’ on our blogging just for a short time since it is sort of the off-season.

Summer is here (happy first day by the way!), people are on vacation, students are out of school, interns are finishing up, etc. etc. So we’ve decided to focus our energy on building our database of content to be launched in the upcoming year, on partnering with more guest bloggers, and on highlighting some great summer reads that have already been published and have probably (understandably) fallen off your radar. Let’s show them some love again! Be sure to pop by the post directory to see what might pique your interest and follow/like us on Facebook and Instagram, because we will still be active on there highlighting old posts of ours and relevant content from other bloggers/partners. Also, if you have a career-related story to share or words of wisdom or experience that others could benefit from hearing about (duh, of course you do!) get in touch!! We are always recruiting guest bloggers, but if blogging is not your thing then don’t worry! Pitch your idea to me and I can do all the work! I’ll just bounce it back to you a few times for feedback/ to make sure the post is all you dreamed it would be! 😉

I’ll also give you a little update on what I’ve been up to, because I’ve sort of kept you out of the loop. I’ve done so intentionally in part because the purpose of this blog is not to broadcast all of my successes/activity and that is not at all the vibe I want it to have. BUT I do want you to feel personally connected to myself and the guest bloggers so I suppose it only makes sense to keep you in the loop at least a little :). Here it goes:

This past Winter I taught a course at the university I did my undergrad at, Acadia University, and LOVED it! I’ve been hesitant to post much about it because, you know, that personal-professional line is a controversial one to cross – but I’m working on it! I then had a period of unemployment for a couple months (blah!) which I am also developing posts about because the struggle is REAL. Then I found out that I passed the CDRE which marks the FINAL step in my journey to becoming a full-blown dietitian. Phew! Around the same time, I stepped into a communications and program development assistance role at a non-profit organization that I interned with: Nourish Nova Scotia. There I will certainly be putting all of my communications skills learned at Ryerson University’s Master of Health Science Nutrition Communication Program to use and developing some advocacy skills as well. SO pumped! I will also be doing some volunteer advocacy work over the Summer/Fall for Diabetes Canada to ask for federal funding for improved diabetes care. The campaign is called Diabetes 360 Strategy so if you’d like to learn more about it/get involved/ develop your own advocacy skills/ make some noise and change the world/ get volunteer hours/ do some networking/ add killer experience to your resume, get in touch and I can make that happen! 

That’s all for now guys. Don’t forget to stay connected on Facebook and Instagram! Chat soon!



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