Does it Feel Out of Reach? Then Stretch.

Today I’m going to pass advice onto you that was passed onto me and totally changed my outlook and my approach to job hunting.

If it feels out of reach, then stretch.

You know how most job postings want you to have 3+ years of experience? You know how grad schools want you to have a ridiculous GPA? Well, basically what I’m saying is F#$! ’em. In the nicest way possible.

If you’ve been in this seat where you feel restricted by the listed qualifications and assume the position is therefore out of reach, JUST STRETCH. APPLY. APPLY. APPLY.

I have been blown away by the professionals who’ve told me that many of the listings don’t mean s#$!. Well, I mean, some can be rigid, but I think we all assume that ALL the listed qualifications are rigid and if we don’t meet them 100% we are not considered. That couldn’t be less true.

I’ve heard SO many stories now of people who’ve applied for positions they’ve felt were out of reach. One of the most successful dietitians I know told me when she applied for the Master of Public Health program at the University of Toronto (very prestigious and very competitive) her GPA was well below what was “required”. Out of reach right? You know what she did? Stretched. Applied anyway. Put herself out there and killed the interview. Graduated top of her class in the program and is out in the workforce now making waves.

If you have a strong skill set and a hell of a lot to bring to the table then bring it. Even if you lack in one or few areas if you totally make them fall in love with your other assets, then how could they say no?

The same goes for job postings. Don’t sit around and sulk about how everyone wants you to have experience and its impossible as a new grad, just stretch. Apply. Bring confidence. Kill it. It would surprise you how many successful professionals surround you who didn’t 100% fit the mold initially. We all have to start somewhere right?

Happy stretching folks! You got this.



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