How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part Two.

Hello again! Firstly, if you haven’t read part one keep scrolling to get up to date and pop back in a few 🙂

Okay, so how did things turn around for me when I let some personal stuff slide onto my resume again? Well let’s start first by how it ended up back there.

When I transferred schools during my undergrad, I became overwhelmed by the success and experiences of my colleagues and I immediately ranked myself at the bottom. (See the imposter syndrome post here for details). I booked an appointment with a career counsellor to vent about how crappy my resume was and to seek advice about getting nutrition-related work.

Fast forward two years and I’m back at the career centre preparing my internship applications. Luckily enough, I lived in a small town so I was served by the same sweet lady who helped me a while back, and she remembered! By this time I had collected a lot more nutrition related work/volunteer experience and I proudly displayed that on my new resume. When she looked at it she said, “What happened to your work in the arts? Where’s your photography info and your theatre awards?”.

What a sweetheart. That was the first [of many] conversations I’ve had about the importance of showing a little personality on your resume.

Though I was reluctant to let some of these things slide back on to the COMPLETELY SQUISHED two page resume, I did. 

Now fast forward a couple of months and I hear back about my submission to a thesis-based masters. If you guys remember, this application was one I submitted reluctantly because I already had myself convinced that I wasn’t worthy. (See that one here: So I get an interview with a potential thesis supervisor there and I’m totally blown away. What surprised me even more was when she said….

Your application stood out to me because of your photography work. I’m interested in working with you and using a photoethnography approach to our research


K first of all I hadn’t even heard of photoethnography, so that’s super cool! And you’re telling me I could combine my love of art AND science together for this?! AND MY APPLICATION CAUGHT YOUR EYE BECAUSE OF THIS SMALL INSIGNIFICANT PIECE THAT I TOOK OFF AND PUT BACK ABOUT A DOZEN TIMES?!

Sorry for the caps guys but this was pretty crazy.

So there you go, you never know what will speak to people and what value others will see in you that you can’t even see in yourself.

After this experience I advise everyone and anyone to please please please show some of that personal side. There is so much more to you than your professional profile, and it can really speak to people.

Oh, and here’s a peek of my stuff in case you were interested:




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