How Being Human Should Come Out on Your Resume. Part One.

I’ve done a lot of networking since I’ve been in Toronto. There’s a lot of people in Toronto. And pretty freaking successful people at that. Whenever I had a chance to pick someone’s brain I did. And you know what the occurring theme was across all these conversations? Do something outside of school/work/volunteering – do something totally out in left field and it will move your career forward more than you ever imagined.



One dietitian explained this really well for me. She has done hiring at a big shot organization and she said, “How do you pick the best applicant out of a pile of perfect applications?”

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Think about yourself and your colleagues – you’ve all worked your freaking asses off right? Of course you have, and everyone has. That’s the nature of dietetics. We are all qualified AF. So who gets the job?

This dietitian (and numerous others since then) said she looks for personal skills in resumes that make them stand out. She looks for someone who’s been an athlete, a dancer, a barista, a sales associate – A HUMAN. Of course all the applicants are brilliant. She said that almost goes without saying, but who is interesting? Who has a diverse set of personal skills? Who has experience holding a genuine conversation with other people in a suboptimal professional setting? Who has evidence on their resume of living their life and being something other than a “future” dietitian (please don’t hate me CDO). 

We likely all have this side of us but how many of us have that on our resume?

When I got into all this, my awards in theatre arts and poetry contests was the first to get cut from my resume and applications.


Not important right?


Check in next week to hear how things turned around when I took this advice and let some personal stuff slip onto my resume. You’re gonna want to hear this.



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