Celebrate Every Step

Woah. I can imagine the relief of those of you who applied for dietetic internships last week. Since then I hope you took our advice on insta and relaxed!! Celebrated!! Breathed!!

When I spoke with students applying for dietetic internships earlier this year and was asked for my biggest piece of advice, it was this: Celebrate. Every. Step.

These applications are huge. I know you guys are putting everything you have into them. And good for you! Regardless of the results, please, please, acknowledge how much effort you’ve put into this. You are rock stars. And I hope you treat yourselves like it!

I know this may not be the end of the application road for you, as some graduate program applications are not yet due. Though if you’ve applied for DC internships, then you have taken a big step. I think you should celebrate that! Right now is a great time to start and I hope it is a practice you carry throughout this whole process. That means after every ‘match day’ – regardless of your result, you celebrate surviving it! You survived the stress and tension and awkwardness among classmates. Good for you!

So do something for you this week – whatever you may have pushed aside while you were pouring hours into applications. For me, my ‘celebrations’ included taking long walks, having a glass of wine with a movie, and journaling. So when I say celebrate, I don’t mean you need to throw a party. Though if that’s what you feel like you deserve and need, then go for it!

What I experienced after completing my applications was interesting. A weight was lifted. I guess I almost expected the anxiety to continue after submission, and to be bombarded with thoughts of the status of my applications, wondering when I would hear back, and even worse – if I would hear back. But you know what? It wasn’t like that at all. I felt like I just ran a marathon. I felt a huge weight lift and I could breathe, and sleep, and was genuinely happy.

I think the reason I felt like that is because I had honestly done my 100% best. I felt like the hard part was over and I freaking killed it. Was I sure I was going to be successful? Of course not. But I was damn sure I put my blood, sweat, and tears into those applications and the rest was out of my hands. The rest was somebody else’s problem – my work here was done.

I really do hope that others experience that same feeling of relief, but if not, I certainly understand the alternative. My wish to you is that if you are feeling anxious about the upcoming results, you remind yourself that your work here is done, and you put your all into it. Good on ya!!!

Wanna know a secret? When I started to realize how important it was to acknowledge all my work and celebrate myself, I blew up balloons and pinned them around my room. Hilarious. At 23 years old, nothing made me happier than waking up every day and feeling like it was my 6th birthday. So whatever it takes for you to celebrate yourself, put a smile on your face, and put you at ease – do it!


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